BreakPoint: Looking Ahead


Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? I’ll give you some food for thought, next on BreakPoint.

Pundits love to make New Year’s predictions about politics, the economy, sports, and so on. As for me, I’ll take a pass on making any predictions, because only the Lord knows what’s in store.

But I do want to share with you some things we Christians should keep an eye on in the coming year—things that will give us important indications about which way the cultural, moral, and ethical winds are blowing.

We are going to get a very important reading on the future once the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and ultimately the Supreme Court rule on Perry vs. Schwarzenegger. Will the Supremes uphold traditional marriage between one man and one woman, or will they agree with Federal district judge Vaughn Walker, that religious beliefs harm gays and lesbians?

That decision, as I’ve said earlier on BreakPoint, depends on whether you and I sustain a forceful moral debate. The justices won’t interfere if we do.

Should so-called “gay marriage” become the law of the land in 2011, Christian churches, organizations and businesses will face unimaginable pressure to choose between obeying Caesar and obeying God. Freedom of religion will be in grave peril.

Will Christians even be able to express their beliefs in the marketplace of ideas? Apple’s removal of the Manhattan Declaration app from its iPhone app store is an ominous sign. Rather than supporting civil discourse, Apple chose to back political correctness at its worst, allowing supporters of so-called “gay marriage” to shout down the opposition. Well, we are making every effort to get the app restored, and Apple’s ultimate response could have a far-reaching affect on the free exchange of ideas online.

On another topic, to use a famous expression, “Follow the money.” Will Congress and the administration embrace fiscal sanity and responsibility? Will they come to their senses and see that increasing the deficit is putting the economy on the course to ruin? As you’ve heard me say, the recent deal to extend the Bush era tax cuts is a bad sign. Why? Because the deal included yet another stimulus and will increase the deficit by nearly a trillion dollars.

So . . . follow the money.  And not just government money. Will American consumers wise up, tighten their belts, and look to the future? Will self control replace instant gratification?

Then there’s the war in Afghanistan. You have heard me say that I can no longer support keeping our troops there. I base my opinion on the fact that it fails to meet the Christian understanding of what constitutes a just war. “Nation building,” which seems to be our primary goal there, does not justify that. And I say this knowing the enormous sacrifices made by our men and women in the armed forces on behalf of the Afghani people. But there are better ways of fighting the Taliban than keeping the American Army and marines in full-time combat. Like surgical strikes, for example.

Finally, the other issue relating to the war is an economic one. We simply can’t afford another $100 billion a year added to our debt.

So, we’ll continue wrestling with issues of traditional marriage, freedom of speech and religion, spending, the war . . . but there’s one thing I can predict. There’ll be plenty to talk about right here at BreakPoint, where I’ll continue to prod you to know and to live out the biblical worldview.

Thank you for joining with me for another year.



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