BP This Week: Of Potties and Pets

President Trump has rolled back President Obama’s executive order on transgender bathrooms. John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer talk about the implications for schools nationwide and for religious institutions subject to Title IX. They also discuss the troubling trend of younger Americans replacing children with dogs and cats, and even calling them “fur-babies.”


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  • Evangeline Poggemiller

    I think there is some relief at the putting on of breaks for trans demands. We feel like we can’t even ask questions. How isn’t this an issue of medical science crossing the could and should line? Or how maybe some in the medical field or the pharmaceutical industry, have dollar signs in their eyes, seeing this as an opportunity for a perpetual patient? How can there not be safety issues when sexual deviants already exploit any chance to get at a child? Where does the spectrum of transvestites and cross dressers relief themselves? How can it be more loving to bend the body to match the mind than bend the mind to match the body? How is it oppression to provide an accommodation for a the trans? Just some questions people should be free to ask I think.

  • Lady4Yeshua

    Considering that trans individuals make up less than 1% of society, and homosexuals make up around 2% of society, this bending of norms to fit their so-called needs is ridiculous! Many restaurants and stores now have single room toilet bathrooms. They are set up for anyone; fathers with children and mothers with a group of children to use. Many trans people can use these bathrooms without fear. I would suggest that stores and restaurants start building new facilities with these types of bathrooms. Sadly it cost more money. But it is safer than allowing faux trans men into women’s bathrooms with our little girls, and would stop this ridiculous movement of minority groups trying to force the larger society to bend to their perceived norms.