The Point: Beauty and the Gay Moment

A new, predictable twist to an old tale. I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

If you have daughters like I do, you can’t not know about the upcoming release of Disney’s live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

And like me, you probably groaned at the “big news” that the film will contain Disney’s first-ever openly gay moment.

Now, my first reaction was, “Really? In a kid’s movie?” But of course. That’s the point.

The LGBT movement knows very well that culture has the power to make what used to be unthinkable seem so, well, normal. Gay moments (like Seinfeld’s “not that there is anything wrong with that”) accomplish this.

I fully get those who say they’re not going to let their kids be exposed to yet another attempt to normalize the gay lifestyle.

I’m going to take a different approach. We’re going to watch the movie, but instead of hoping my daughters miss the moment, we’re going to point it out to them and then have a conversation. After all, we’ll be confronting real-life moments soon enough just walking down the street right here in Colorado Springs. We might as well be ready.

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  • Marion Stade

    Is there a situation where you would choose to not participate/view/attend an event?

    • scootr1295

      great question!

    • Robert Cremer

      John Stonestreet’s method by going, then discussing, totally undermines the deceptive attempt of the gay’s to normalize their view. Better to arm your kids with knowledge so they can learn to see through the deceptions than to ignore and pretend it does not exist and leave your kids vulnerable.

    • Robert Cremer

      In answer to your question, Yes. Actually, everybody chooses to not attend somethings. So your real question is, how do you choose?
      It is a matter of how strict your standards are. Most of what comes out of Hollywood is trash. So I totally depend on reviewers I trust. Even they don’t always paint the picture totally black and white. Hollywood has trouble not sneaking in immoral garbage. Most of the time we end up renting films produced by companies who exhibit a good moral standards and we like PureFlix. I don’t like all they have produced but they do a great job of producing morally sound films. If you look around you can find others as well.