The Point: Government to People: We Need More Babies

Children for China? Spawn for Spain? For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

You may remember a couple of years ago the famous “Do it for Denmark” campaign the Danish government launched to encourage procreation.

Well now, the Chinese government is considering “financial incentives” to spur the nation’s birthrate. And in Spain, a new government Minister has been appointed to encourage people to make more babies.

Now, it’s not hard to understand China’s problem. For years the government enforced a brutal one-child policy, forced abortions and all. China has since backed off a bit, but the people aren’t responding. Why? Some say affordability. Others say the Chinese have grown comfortable with a childless lifestyle.

In Spain, “experts” say it’s long work hours, late suppers, and going to bed after midnight that’s tamping down the birth rate.

But I say it’s worldview. How people view marriage, how they view children, what they think the “good life” is, have practical consequences not just for individuals, but for entire societies.

Worldview matters. Even more than government policy.


  • slowpoke241


    You are completely right about “We need more babies.” My wife’s job has a very busy schedule and I am busy too. But, we understand that children are a blessing from God and He has given us 4 wonderful blessings. A person’s world view makes, as they say, a world of difference.

  • Gladys1071

    “need more babies” really?, we have 6 billion people, don’t think we are anywhere near to be going to become extinct. This article is talking like in a few years their is going to be no more people on this earth.