The Point: LGBTube

So how restricted is restricted mode? For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Last week YouTube announced they’re reviewing complaints about their “restricted mode,” which allows parents to control the videos their kids watch. The complaints came from lesbian, LGBT-identifying video bloggers who said this mode blocked many of their videos.

One popular blogger said he thinks young children should be able to view his videos about homosexuality. Using the example of a six-year-old finding videos about boys having boyfriends, he said he found it offensive that some parents would find that offensive.

Well, as Ray Charles sang, “Hit the road, Jack.”

Of course parents have every right control what their kids watch, especially when it comes to what is, in essence, sexual propaganda. See for some activists like this blogger, even “live and let live” isn’t enough to make them happy. No matter what YouTube decides, it’s our responsibility to know what our kids are doing online, and to introduce them to certain topics when and how we see fit. Not when the first activist with a video camera does.



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  • Rod Dreher | American Conservative | March 20, 2017

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