The Point: The Meaning of Easter: Strobel vs. Gervais

It’s Lee Strobel vs. Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais, famous for the British version of “The Office” wrote an Easter article in the Wall Street Journal called: “Why I’m a Good Christian.”

He hasn’t converted. He’s just arguing that atheists like himself can be good guys while Christians don’t live up to their own rules. Of course, every Christian I know would agree. And, it’s not clear what difference it makes. Every Christian could be a bad person and every atheist kind and loving, but it doesn’t change whether Christianity is true!

Lee Strobel’s response to Gervais was right on. As an atheist, Strobel realized that the real issue was Jesus Christ: was he who he said he was and especially did he rise from the dead.  Strobel investigated, and he’s no longer an atheist.

Gervais says Jesus was a good guy, but as C. S. Lewis said that’s not the point. He didn’t claim to be a good guy He claimed to be God, and the resurrection either proves it or disproves it.


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  • Robert Cremer

    So what does it mean to be a “good guy”?
    Who set the “good guy” standard for Gervais?
    How does Gervais know that it is good enough?
    Don’t we need a uniform standard of “good” for everybody, if civilization to survive?
    So who would be qualified to set that standard? Gervais?
    How can Gervais justify any standard what-so-ever?
    Thankfully, Gervais is not in charge of anything important, so we are safe for the moment, from the insanity of his ideas.

  • Gordon Magill

    This statement goes way too far. “Every Christian could be a bad person and every atheist kind and loving, but it doesn’t change whether Christianity is true!” The transformation of those who believe in Jesus Christ and receive Him gives witness to the truth of the gospel. Thank God for His continual grace and forgiveness, and thank Him for His sanctifying work that frees us from sin and transforms us into His image.

    • Robert Cremer

      Gervais says God does not exist because believers do not act as Gervais thinks they should act. The point of the statement you quoted, is that the existence of Christ is not dependent upon the actions of believers, be they good or bad. Sadly, Gervais is happily, yet deceivingly, living a lie, so the truth cannot set him free.