The Point: Cheating Ourselves

Maybe it’s time to dig out that “WWJD?” bracelet.

Joe Carter wrote recently of a new study on American attitudes toward adultery. Among the groups studied were evangelicals, and the results were…unsettling.

According to the study, just 31 percent of evangelicals thought watching pornography constituted “cheating on your partner.” A mere seventy-seven percent thought a one-night stand was “cheating.” And only 82 percent of self-identified evangelicals said regular sexual relations with another partner is “cheating.”

While these percentages are not higher than the national average, they’re still alarming. As Carter writes, “that almost one in five evangelicals don’t consider it cheating when a person is having regular relations with someone other than one’s spouse” is a sign that at least some of our churches have failed.

The word “cheating” is also ambiguous. The word Moses and Jesus used: “adultery.” Jesus famously said that lustful looking at someone else was already adultery.

Our standards for holiness should be the same as Christ’s. After all, we bear His name.


Survey Reveals Many Evangelicals Are Confused About Adultery
  • Joe Carter | The Gospel Coalition | April 19, 2017

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  • Robert Cremer

    Yes, the standard of Jesus is the only one to measure against. Most humans do not like to admit they are flawed, thus the 69%, 23% and 18% who think their illicit acts are O.K.
    I disagree on the point that some of the churches have failed. I think MOST of our churches have failed.
    The Church could begin with recognizing that sex in marriage is broken. Then start moving heaven and earth to provide Biblically based knowledge, programs and tools to help fix it.