BP This Week: Terrorism, Planned Parenthood, and the Cultural Tide

On Monday night, an Islamic terrorist carried out a suicide bombing at a Manchester concert, killing 22 people and injuring many more. John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer talk about the need for a robust moral vocabulary to name this kind of evil, and what the right response for world leaders will look like. Our hosts also cover another shocking undercover Planned Parenthood video, and a new book John co-authored with Stand to Reason’s Brett Kunkle on helping your kids navigate a culture without going adrift.

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  • jason taylor

    A lot of it is simply the fear of the Tu Quoque. We are afraid to call evil evil because we are afraid to be called evil for comparable deeds which those we identify with are accused of and to get into the labyrinthine contortions of ambiguities, number counting, contextualizing and what not centered around finding out who is evil, who is less evil, and who is not evil. The parable of the beam in the eye is relevant. Perhaps if we are going to condemn evil we need the humility to condemn our own.