BreakPoint: Building the Next Master Race?

Custom Babies in . . . India

The attempts to create a master Aryan race is not the stuff of science fiction or history books anymore.

I’m going to tell you a story about an attempt to build a strong nation by breeding better babies. These babies “would be superior in quality, intelligence, looks, and other aspects.” They would be taller and fairer in complexion that their peers. These babies hold the key, we are told, to national greatness.

Now you’re probably thinking the story comes from the Third Reich or maybe a science fiction novel. But you’d be wrong. This story is not from 1930s Germany nor is it the stuff of dystopian novels. It’s from contemporary India.

A group in India, Arogya Bharati, which means “Indian Wholeness” in Sanskrit, is working with couples to produce, in its words, “customized” babies. It hopes to “have [produced] thousands of such babies by 2020.” Its long-term goal is to build a strong India through these children.

What’s required to produce such a child? “Three months of [purification] for parents, intercourse at a time decided by planetary configurations, complete abstinence after the baby is conceived, and procedural and dietary regulations.”

The pay-off? According to the head of Arogya Bharati, “extremely bright,” “fair-complexioned,” and “tall” babies born to less-bright, dark, and short parents.

As this suggests, the groups methods aren’t rooted in modern genetics. Instead, they’re indebted to a combination of Indian folk medicine, astrology, and Hindu beliefs.

Yet it would be unwise to discount the seriousness of what’s taking place here. When one commenter said that the group’s project was “straight out of the Nazi playbook,” it wasn’t hyperbole. While the two groups’ methods may have differed, their goals were the same: strengthening the nation by promoting racial purity.

In fact, the groups share more than just a common goal; they share a central idea–the Aryan. While the Nazi myth of the Aryan is well-known, what’s not as well-known is that “Hindutva,” the Hindu nationalist ideology of groups like Arogya Bharati and its parent movement, the RSS, also has the idea of the Aryan at the center of its national myth.

Unlike the Nazis, who believed that the Aryans were from what’s now the border between Kashmir and Afghanistan in the Himalayas, Hindu nationalists insist that the Aryans were from northern Indian.

Despite this disagreement, the RSS expressed admiration for Nazi efforts to promote racial purity. In 1938, its Supreme Leader said that Germany “has shown how well-nigh impossible it is for races and cultures, having differences going to the root, to be assimilated into one united whole.” He called it “a good lesson for us in [India] to learn and profit by.”

It’s a lesson his ideological successors are now trying to put into practice, not in birthing clinics but in the curtailment of religious freedom across India, which, in recent years, has become an increasingly hostile place for Christians, as well as Muslims.

And I’d be remiss if I left you with the impression that this quest for “customized” babies was only limited to religious fanatics and Nazis. The (un)holy grail of modern genetics is to, as some have put it, “shape our own evolution.” While proponents of this quest would howl in protest if they heard me say it, this, too, is a quest for a kind of racial purity.

While their definition of “race” is infinitely more generous than the people in India, never mind the Nazis, it’s still an endeavor that has no place for the weak, no matter how the planets align.

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Building the Next Master Race?: Custom Babies in . . . India

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  • Just one of many voices

    Stuff like this is just plain creepy to me. I don’t know what to make of it, except to imagine our current society that’s ridiculously competitive and multiply it a hundred fold.

    We took the forbidden fruit, wanting to be God. Then, by the time humanity gets to the tower of Babel, God recognizes, “they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”

    My analytical mind goes on and on and on from there. I need to get back to work!

  • Truth Man

    Evolution is a communist lie. There really was a genetic superlative species of humanity. Due to the forces of genetic mutation, humanity is in a state of dissension. The Aryans were only a royal family of philosophical priests who built temples and ruled an area from Iran all the way down through two thirds of India. There was no Aryan race, true. This priestly class exerted enormous power and influence extending as far away as Turkey, and through the entire Levant, to eventually dominate Northern Africa. One must understand that the populations of this area in antiquity absolutely were not like those of the present day. Humanity has mutated into four completely different species, and well may be on the verge of descending down into a fifth, as the ancient Greeks informed us.

  • USA

    So you want to keep Christianity above all
    all man made religion dies in 2500 years
    However the sanatan dharma (aka Hinduism) never dies.

  • Hiranya Sankar Roychowdhury

    Evangelicals are scared? Not that I subscribe to this craziness, but the whole “methodolgy” is as fantastic as a virgin birth (a.k.a. human parthenogenesis). The very first line by this blogger is misleading (“The attempts to create a master Aryan race is not the stuff of science fiction or history books anymore.”) There is nothing remotely scientific in this myth that the “Arogya Bharati” pursues. BTW, the meaning of Arogya Bharati is not “Indian Wholeness, Mr. Stonestreet. Properly translated it might mean “Healed India”. Bharati does not mean Indian. Perhaps the crooks running this enterprise is also not aware of the meaning.

  • Phoenix1977

    Perhaps we should try and focus a bit on the things behind the desire to have “fair-complexioned and tall” children. Because, in today’s India, they have more chances and prove to be more successful than darker-skinned or shorter individuals. Why? Because they are seen as more intelligent, more beautiful, more succesful and, therefor, more desirable. And so the desire because a self-fulfiling prophecy.
    Before someone starts crying this is discrimination (which it indeed is), please remember India does not have anti-discrimination laws. Although the caste system in India was officially forbidden in 1949 in practice it is very much alive today and it’s not by coincidence the highest caste, the Brahmins are all tall, fair-skinned men (because women have very little rights in reality, even though women and men are equal under Indian law).

    Same goes with religious liberty. There is no such thing in India by law. Different religions live side-by-side in sort of peace because the people want it to be like that. But when a Muslim or Christian is attacked by Hindu’s, especially after slaughtering a cow (big no-no in India) the police will do absolutely nothing. And both Muslims and Christians in India know very well they are only allowed to practice their religion as long as local Hindu clergy allow them to. And for the better part of several millenia this worked out perfectly, until the British decided to disrupt that system.

    Of course there will be those who say this proves India is a backward culture but those people never visited India. A backward culture cannot build monuments like Taj Mahal or the several thousands of temples India has, all build by hand and, more importantly, decorated by hand. But that’s no all. For example, we all know the mathimatical law known as Pythagorean theorem, but this law was knowns to Indian mathimaticians about 2 millenia before the birth of Pythagoras. While in Europe Galileo was persecuted by the Catholic Church for blasphemy because he said the earth revolves around the sun instead of the other way around Indian astronomers were able to calculate the trajectories of other planets in detail, just as they knew the earth was actually round about 4000 years before Columbus ever dreamed of sailed to the East via the West.
    Is Indian society perfect? Hell no! And the average Indian will admit that wholeheartedly. But it’s far from a backward culture and might even be a leading culture in the world if the British, and with them Christians, had simply left the country alone.

    • jason taylor

      The last invader among several successive waves(most of which comprise the modern Indian population) is an excuse with diminishing returns and sovereignty among other things means taking responsibility. In any event I am not clear when this time was when different religions lived side by side in peace because it was certainly not before the British came.

      • Phoenix1977

        Not entirely sure what you are trying to say. But if you mean India was a one-religion country before the British came you are correct. There was only Hinduism in India and there was also peace in India. Well, at least people from different religions weren’t at odds with each other.

        • jason taylor

          Really? Moslems and Hindus were fighting long before the British. Because they were Moslems and Hindus by the way. And there was never peace in India any more then there was peace anywhere else.

          And India was certainly not a one religion country.

          But what I mean by taking responsibility is that if India wants to be sovereign she is sovereign over her own problems. Otherwise they should go back to being subjects of the Raj.

  • Joseph

    It is interesting that you highlight this story from halfway around the world while this website continues to ignore, downplay, and whitewash the current administration’s demonization of immigrants and religious minorities, penchant for authoritarianism, and tolerance for white supremacy. Those actions are “straight out of the Nazi playbook” as well (and aren’t hyperbole either), and the longer that evangelicals remain silent, the more they will be seen as complicit.

  • jason taylor

    The term “Aryan” is rather absurdly mixed up in Nazi mythology. Before that it meant a series of tribes nomads that made conquests in India, Persia, and the Middle East and fathered the Indo-European language family. The various Sanskrit epics center on Aryan tribes. Many who would be called “Aryan” in India fought against the Nazis and most effectively.

  • Donald Garvin

    Really? This is the 21st century, with God’s grace.