The Point: Bill Nye Needs Sex Ed

Never forget: Truth is on our side. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Bill Nye “the Science Guy’s” has a new show on Netflix, modestly titled “Bill Nye Saves the World.” In a recent episode, devoted entirely to sex, he pushed the extreme progressive view that sex is a “spectrum” containing all kinds of orientations and genders.

Between obscene dance numbers about body parts and cartoons comparing sexual preferences with ice cream, Nye’s new agenda was loud, clear, and anything but scientific.

As theologian Alastair Roberts writes at his blog, an odd thing was missing from Nye’s allegedly scientific presentation of sex: reproduction!

For so many in our culture, the world itself has “no apparent natural cause, end, order, or purpose.” And so sex is just a form of recreation to enjoy whenever we choose.

But as Roberts reminds readers, “nature and truth are on our side.” In other words, sex isn’t whatever we want it to be. It has biological purpose—making babies. And no amount of pseudoscience from the likes of Bill Nye can change that.


Bill Nye, Progressive Science, and the Threat of Nature
  • Alastair Roberts | Alastair's Adversaria | April 26, 2017

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  • InfoSecurityLady

    What Bill Nye needs is a heart transformation through a new, saved life in JESUS!

  • Phoenix1977

    Sex is not about “making babies” since the 1960s. Sex is, indeed, recreation, which sometimes ends in a baby. But most of the time it doesn’t due to birth control pills, condoms, morning after pills and, if all things fail, abortion on demand. Only conservatives would still link sex to reproduction. The majority of people have left that notion behind.

    • Tom Sathre

      Phoenix1977, What, then, is your purpose in being here? If you want it, there is freedom from Sin in Jesus just by asking Him for it. Ask!!!!

    • Daniel Pascale

      The purpose of a truck is to carry freight/goods from Point A to Point B. Because the it can be used for other purposes, such as an instrument to take innocent human lives (Paris Truck Attack), does not change the purpose of its design. I don’t believe God has a problem with preventative contraception, he does hate murder and all things that are sex outside of a marriage between a man and a women. However, we all have the freedom of choice, to obey or disregard our Creator and Loving God. There is a light at the end of the tunnel to all who repent. Peace to you.

  • Zarm

    Science and statistics don’t really support that. The statistical impossibility of even the existence of life (much less the universe) occurring by random chance far exceeds the threshold of statistical impossibility. And even if one accepts the universe as a random conglomeration of matter spawned by the Big Bang, there still comes the question what created the Big Bang. And if you trace that back through the theorized chain of events to, eventually, a series of dimensions breaking off a larger ring of dimensions, growing up form infinitely-small size… then the question still becomes ‘where did those dimensions come from?’ At some point, you require either something to come from nothing with no cause, or a self-existent something that requires no origin in and of itself to begin the long chain of causation.

    Neither logic nor probability allows this to be a meaningless or random universe- and the truth of God doesn’t allow for a life that’s meaningless. You have value, meaning, and a purpose in his eyes; and even if you’re not in a place to believe he exists right now, everyone who knows him knows just as equally that there is nothing random or purposeless in your existence- you are special, you are infinitely precious, and you are beloved.

    • Phoenix1977

      No matter how small the chance is, there is a chance. And that chance cannot be explained away by statistics. And, if we follow your chain of thought, out of nothing came a god, which is just as improbable. After all, what is the statistical chance of an omnipotent being which just happened to create a universe and our planet as the sole one with life, while the inhabitants of that planet worship the omnipotent being as a god? I think it’s smaller than life being a product of pure chance.

      And, once again, our frame of reference do not match. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a god and therefor I don’t believe in purpose, meaning or whatsoever. Yes, I am beloved, by my family, my partner, my friends, etc. But not by a non-existing god.

      • AtTheCrossroads

        Hey Phoenix1977 if you really believed “There is no purpose for my being here”, you wouldn’t be here. I mean “here” as in on this site making comments on its content. What’s it to one product of random chance if another product of random chance wants to believe in God? Even if people like us are deluded, we’ll die off because our false view of reality will make us waste resources on crazy things like helping weak and imperfect people who should instead be “pruned” from the evolutionary tree. No, you don’t believe what you’re saying. Like Kusco in “The Emporer’s New Groove” (funniest movie ever), “no-one is that heartless”. I hope you won’t be too proud to see it, when you find what you’re really looking for. -John 14:6

      • Zarm

        What is nonsensical for the inanimate is not for the animate. The odds
        of a group of plywood sets spontaneously generating an edited television
        program are so infinitesimally small as to be absurd; the odds of an
        intelligent director with the capability of hiring help producing that
        same edited television program are… absolutely within the realm of

        The nature of God is self-existence; nothing in nature has that nature. 🙂 The statistical improbability of an omniscient being electing to create the universe is… not particularly steep.

        However, granting the same properties of self-existence (a rational absurdity in the material universe) and the orderly creation of something that cannot believably occur by chance, to the physical universe itself, is nonsensical based on everything we know of the physical universe.

  • Zarm

    I think the difference is between ‘purpose’ and ‘usage’ (or ‘exercise’). The purpose of sex isn’t changed by how it’s utilized, and doesn’t evolve- but ‘purpose’ also presupposes creative intent. Those talking about purpose are discussing an immutable intent by a creator; obviously, not believing in that creator renders sex without a purpose (though a close analogue could be ‘biological function,’ which sex still serves even when people attempt to block it with artificial means), only a preferred usage.

    In this case, the discussion is framed on the worldview that such a creator exists; thus, purpose is absolutely inbuilt and unchanging based on cultural belief. Owing to that, this discussion will come at cross-purposes between yourself and anyone espousing purpose, since the two viewpoints (purpose as innate vs. ‘purpose’ as defined by preferred usage) are both absolute certainties of the worldviews that frame them, based on the philosophical difference in beliefs on sex’s ultimate origin (intentional creation vs. evolutionary biproduct).

    In short, probably best for all involved to be aware they’re talking past each-other, because they’re defining terms based on philosophy but discussing them in terms that couch the conversation in apparent fact, thus disguising the root divergence of beliefs that leaves everyone using the same words but meaning different things by them. Knowing that might save everyone from mounting frustration over the course of the day. 🙂

    • AtTheCrossroads

      A better analogy for sexuality is eating. Eating can be very enjoyable, especially when my wife is cooking! But eating is not FOR the purpose of enjoying the flavor of food . . . it is for the growth and nourishment of the body. If we are indiscriminate in what we eat, or just spit out the food after enjoying the flavor, we will eventually die. Sex can be very enjoyable, especially within the loving boundaries of mutual commitment prescribed by God. But sex is not FOR enjoyment . . . it is for the growth (reproduction) and nourishment (intimacy) of the family. If we are indiscriminate in who we share it with, or prevent its full purpose from being expressed, the family (and all of civilization that is built upon it) will die.

      • gladys1071

        I will disagree with one statement of yours. Sex is most definitley for enjoyment, as well as it is for procreation. It it was not enjoyable we would not desire it. God made it fun and enjoyable that is the incentive otherwise we would not do and their would be no people in this world.

        Stop making sex out to be a duty obligation or something boring, its not, it one of the few greatest joys in this life.

        • AtTheCrossroads

          Hey Gladys . . . did you read what I wrote? “Sex can be very enjoyable, especially within the loving boundaries of mutual commitment prescribed by God.” You seem to be agreeing with my point when you say, “It (sic) it was not enjoyable we would not desire it.” God made it enjoyable, but if that was what it was for, he could have come up with another way to make babies, no?

    • Phoenix1977

      That is the entire issue in virtually all discussions with religious / social conservatives. They hold on to a frame of reference which is no longer shared by the majority of the people. Because of that, it is impossible to come to an understanding. Whenever someone tells me: “The bible says so” or “Christ said so” I automatically dismiss them. I’m not a Christian and, as such, neither the bible nor Christ has any authority in my world view. On my less accommodating days I will even make a remark like “Perhaps you start living in the 21st century” or “Why not use your own brain instead of parroting what has been fed to you?”.

      Whether you like it or not, Christians are a minority in Western civilization nowadays. Therefor Christians cannot expect their frame of reference or their world view to remain the dominant one. Recent history taught us as much already. At this moment the best Christians can hope for is the right to live according to their own world view. But that won’t happen if Christians keep attempting to maintain their world view as dominant. Those actions trigger a resistance, causing Christians to lose their ground. You see it in all aspects of life nowadays, whether it’s in the debate on same-sex marriage, abortion or having to work on a Sunday.

      Christians still act as if they are the majority but they are not. And their behavior should be adjusted accordingly.

      • gladys1071

        As a Christian, i have to say that i agree with what you said in this post. As a Christian I don’t try to push my belief on others, i think others need to come to faith on their own. I part ways with others in that i don’t believe in influencing public policy and believe that our faith is private and personal and between me and God. I acknowledge that their are competing world views and that each person has to come to their own view and that we do not know everything and don’t have the answers to all questions.

        Though I am a Christian i give people the respect that others may not share my view and that even if i disagree i believe in minding my own business and my own relationship with God.

        • Phoenix1977

          I can respect that and I think sometimes it’s better to agree to disagree.

  • Daniel Pascale

    I have just been reminded of a language difference between myself from Down Under Australia and yourself in the United States of America. By the word ‘Truck’ we mean ‘Freighter’, in good humor. As for your belief that God does not exist – only you know what you truly believe, but be assured that it also takes great faith to believe in the theory of Evolution. Take care.