The Point: NC Is Doing Fine

Don’t give in to empty threats. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Last year, in response to a rogue city of Charlotte ordinance, North Carolina passed H.B. 2, which required people to use the public restroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. In a national outcry, media outlets called for boycotts of the state and major corporations like the NFL threatened to take their business elsewhere.

Under pressure, the legislature repealed and replaced the law. But Family Policy Facts reports that despite the backlash, North Carolina was still ranked by Site Selection Magazine as the most economically competitive state. And in 2016, North Carolina enjoyed a record-breaking year of tourism.

Look, there’s no reason to cave to an idea in rebellion against reality. The fact that North Carolina still came out on top shows that often, the sexual revolution’s bark is worse than its bite. And though they might not have loud voices, there are still a lot of people and companies out there who recognize common sense when they see it—or who just don’t believe everything the media tells them.


Evidence Mounts That HB2 Had Little Impact on Economy
  • NC Family Staff | | May 9, 2017

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