The Point: Philosophy and Fossils

Make sure you’re in the right class.

Imagine you’re late for science class. You burst through the door and find your seat, only to hear your professor talking about Plato’s Republic. You quickly realize you picked the wrong door, and ended up in philosophy.

So why do so many fail to notice other situations when science is really philosophy—for instance, when the subject of evolution comes up?

Writing at Evolution News, Cornelius Hunter reviews the book, “Adam and the Genome,” co-authored by theistic evolutionist, Dennis Venema.

In it, Venema makes the argument that the fossil record supports Darwinism precisely because Darwinism offers testable hypotheses, while design doesn’t. But as Hunter points out, this is a philosophical argument for the necessity of Darwinism, which itself isn’t testable!

It also relies on dismissing all the instances, like the Cambrian explosion, in which the fossil record defies Darwin. So in other words, evolution is mandated by evidence to which it’s immune!

This is philosophy, and not very good philosophy, at that. What it’s not, is science.



Evolutionists’ Certainty Comes from Metaphysics, Not Science
  • Cornelius Hunter | | April 13, 2017

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