The Point: Planned Parenthood Admits Evil

Their own words condemn them. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

The latest video released from the Center for Medical Progress is its most shocking yet, full of admissions from abortion providers filmed at National Abortion Federation conventions.

In the video, one abortion provider admits she might “pull off a leg or two” to avoid a partial birth abortion, while another admits to performing the illegal method. And another jokes about an eyeball falling in her lap.

Dr. Lisa Harris, the medical director of Planned Parenthood in Michigan, says “…we actually see the fetus the same way… it’s a person, it’s killing.”

And Dr. Paul Blumenthal, from Planned Parenthood Maryland admits, “I know Planned Parenthood sells a lot of stuff to people.” And by “stuff” he means fetal organs.

YouTube has censored the video and a California judge is considering contempt charges. But Christian, don’t turn away. We can’t be silent. Allowing evil to hide only enables evil to flourish. Come to to watch the video, and share with others.

[Editor’s Note: Since John Stonestreet recorded this edition of The Point, the video in question has been pulled from the Internet. We apologize that we’re no longer able to make it available. If it’s put back up, we will provide the link. Update: We’ve now put in the link to the copy at LifeSiteNews. Thanks to the commenters who pointed us to it.]


‘I Might . . . Pull Off a Leg or Two’
  • Alexandra DeSanctis | | May 25, 2017

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