The Point: Planned Parenthood’s Truth Problem

Planned Parenthood has a truth problem. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with the Point.

Planned Parenthood is closing three of its six clinics in New Mexico.

“There’s no secret that the reproductive health landscape right now is tough,” said a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman to the New Mexico Political Report.

The reason it’s tough for Planned Parenthood these days is of course that the organization has been exposed as a maniacally abortion-focused, tissue-harvesting corporate behemoth.

But, since that truth hurts, Planned Parenthood hired “Avengers” director, Joss Whedon, to produce a melodramatic and dishonest video ad suggesting that without the organization, women wouldn’t get “basic health services” like STD prevention, birth control or cancer screening.

Save the Storks has put the lie to those claims already. Planned Parenthood supplies less than one percent of the nation’s Pap tests and zero percent of the country’s mammograms. They do, however, perform nearly 35 percent of the nation’s abortions.

That explains why the three clinics in New Mexico closed—none performed abortions. They didn’t fit Planned Parenthood’s business model.


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