BP This Week: The HHS Mandate, Bearing False Witness, and Persecution in Egypt

Rumors have leaked from the Trump White House that a revised contraception mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services may be on the way. If early reports are right, it would mean a huge victory for Little Sisters of the Poor (a group of nuns who sued the Obama Administration for forcing them to cover abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance plans) as well as other groups whose religious freedom was threatened by the Affordable Care Act.

It’s not secret that a tidal wave of fake and misleading news has permeated the Internet lately, but Ed Stetzer, writing in Christianity Today reminds Christians that we shouldn’t be the ones sharing it. That’s “bearing false witness,” which violates the Ten Commandments, and dishonors the name of Christ. Rather, we should carefully examine our motives and take the time to check stories and discern conspiracy theories from truth, especially if they reinforce our beliefs.

Finally, another horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Egypt is a fresh and painful reminder of how severe the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East has become. As we pray and mourn with those who mourn, we must seriously consider the kinds of policies that would arrest the killing of our brothers and sisters in that embattled region.

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