The Point: Abortion Melodramatics

A bit melodramatic, don’t you think? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

If there’s one thing I am tired of these days, it’s the overdramatic and completely unhinged from reality connection of the dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” with abortion restrictions.

And yet, on Tuesday of last week, to protest Ohio bill SB 145, which would ban the brutal and bloody dilation and evacuation abortion method, a group of women dressed like handmaids from the new Netflix series and sat in on the Ohio state house.

So how again does banning an abortion procedure sentence women to a life as enslaved breeders, which is what the dystopian story describes as the fate of certain women?

I’ll say it again, pro-abortion forces are losing the cultural debate and losing their grip on the cultural imagination, and as a result they’re getting desperate. It’s not over; we still have a culture fully addicted to the sexual revolution. But don’t be intimated by the melodramatics. Keep making the case for life with your friends, your family, and your neighbors.



The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture
  • Scott Klusendorf | Crossway Books | March 2009

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