The Point: Steadfast Surrogate

Good things come in threes, right? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Brittneyrose Torres had heard about a couple who couldn’t have  children. So she volunteered to be a surrogate mom.

Torres was implanted with two fertilized eggs. But, happy surprise, one of the eggs divided. Torres and the parent couple are now expecting triplets.

But the couple didn’t think that was great. They decided they didn’t want triplets and are now demanding that Torres abort one of the children. She refused, and has gone public with the story.

Now first let’s say this—thank God Torres is choosing life. She deserves our support for that. Second, while technologies like In Vitro Fertilization and practices like surrogacy have brought much joy and many babies into the world, they can also lead to great evil: namely, treating unborn human beings as commodities to be bought and sold, embraced or discarded.

Destroying “extra” embryos, aborting intentionally implanted babies, and exploiting surrogate mothers, especially in the Third World, are clear reminders that the ends never justify the means.


Surrogate defies biological parents’ abortion demand
  • Carl Campanile | New York Post | December 14, 2015

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  • Phoenix1977

    “Destroying “extra” embryos, aborting intentionally implanted babies, and exploiting surrogate mothers, especially in the Third World, are clear reminders that the ends never justify the means.”

    Of course the ends justify the means! Because IVF and surrogacy mean MONEY. And MONEY is what makes the world go round, nothing else. You can keep saying it isn’t true but simply look around you. Anything and everything happening in the world today revolves around MONEY and how to get more of it. Because MONEY buys you influence and importance (if you have a lot of it) or simply a roof over your head and food on the table. Whenever morals and MONEY are opposite of each other morals will always lose. Because morals won’t buy you anything.

    Now I cannot understand why you wouldn’t be thrilled by the idea of having triplets after going through the entire ordeal of IVF procedures. Truth be told I cannot understand why you would go through the entire ordeal of IVF at all, especially since there are so many children in need who are looking for someone to care for them. But that’s not up to me, just as the decisions this couples made is not op to me.

    I doubt Miss Torres has a case in this, at least if the surrogacy was mediated by an official bureau. Those contracts make it quite clear the surrogate has no say in matters concerning the fetuses. It’s quite possible the contract states Miss Torres has to undergo an abortion if the couples whose fetuses she’s carrying tells her to. And that is not so strange because, for all intends and purposes, those fetuses aren’t hers. She’s not their mother. She is (and forgive me for being blunt because I don’t intend to insult anyone) nothing more than an incubator. Perhaps, in a few decades, we won’t need surrogates anymore because we can use artificial wombs by then.

    In my opinion, this case only knows losers. Because no matter what, what started as a beautiful attempt to fulfill someone’s dreams turned out to be a nightmare for everyone involved.

  • Jenni

    This isn’t an update. The original story was done in 2015. What happened?