The Point: Thought-Shaping Words

Big Brother would be proud. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

In George Orwell’s “1984,” the totalitarian government manipulated words to shape peoples’ thoughts. “War is peace,” the Ministry of Truth proclaimed.

The way the left uses words these days would impress even Orwell. Killing babies in the womb or allowing men in women’s bathrooms are “progressive” causes. Abortion opponents are “against women’s health.” Reserving women’s bathrooms for women is “hating.”

In addition to these obvious examples, media bombards us every day with more subtle, idea-shaping words. Recently CBS news announced that Texas is considering a bathroom bill that would “target” transgendered people.

Margaret Atwood, author of another dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” recently said it’s a “form of slavery to force women to have children they can’t afford.”

“Progressive,” “targeting,” “forcing,” “enslaving.” All of these powerful words. And all of them powerfully misused.

As I say in my new book “A Practical Guide to Culture,” pay attention to the way words are used, and question their definition.


A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World
  • John Stonestreet, Brett Kunkle | David C. Cook Publishing | June 2017

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