BP This Week: Eugene Peterson, the Media, and ‘Hate Groups’

This week’s big story was Eugene Peterson, author of “The Message,” who apparently embraced homosexual relationships and same-sex “marriage,” and then retracted his comments the next day. Peterson’s reasoning in both cases illustrates an authority problem and confusion over sexuality and Christian anthropology in the evangelical church.

It’s not difficult to see why Peterson and other popular authors, musicians, and pastors have faltered on the biblical view of sex and marriage. The pressure to conform to an increasingly secular culture is immense. This week mainstream news outlets like ABC and NBC adopted the Southern Poverty Law Center’s language describing the Alliance Defending Freedom as “an anti-LGBT hate group.” John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer explain why this will likely hurt the credibility of mainstream news networks more than ADF or other Christian groups.

Image: Clappstar, Wikimedia Commons, Eugene Peterson at University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA


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