The Momentum Is Growing!

Two years ago, when the Colson Center became an independent organization, we were convinced that God would use this ministry to inform and equip His people to live out a Christian worldview. Since that time, He has blessed us with incredible growth and opportunities:

  • BreakPoint commentaries, while still heard on over 1,200 radio outlets, now go to more than 200,000 email subscribers every day.
  • Members of the largest Colson Fellows class to date recently completed their initial course of training and were commissioned to carry out their three-year plans.
  • The 2018 class of Colson Fellows is even larger, with five more regional affiliates added.
  • More than 700 people attended the sold-out Wilberforce Weekend conference in May, and over 80,000 people joined us online.
  • Over 14,000 parents and leaders watched the online “Parenting Teens Summit” held in partnership between the Colson Center and Axis.
  • Our first Colson Center Short Course, featuring cutting-edge apologetics training, sold out in 48 hours and received rave reviews.
  • The number of BreakPoint podcast subscribers has doubled in just the last few months.
  • Our website,, has been completely redesigned.

I’m also thrilled to announce that, with your help, we are adding Christian thought leaders in the fields of apologetics, history, education, public policy and more to the Colson Center team. These Senior Fellows will be writing frequently at and offering Short Courses on select topics.

J. Warner Wallace – author of the best-selling books Cold-Case Christianity and Forensic Faith, and one of the most compelling apologists of our day – joined the Colson Center as our first Senior Fellow earlier this year. Additional Senior Fellow appointments will be announced in the coming months.

Keep an eye on our website and your inbox for the latest news and Short Course details.

We praise God for the expanded reach – but numbers don’t always equal success. Now more than ever, Christians must be equipped to engage the culture around them with the heart and mind of Christ. Your support is leading to new ways to resource the body of Christ to live out their faith in the public square.

We want to send you a copy of J. Warner Wallace’s book, Forensic Faith, as thanks for your financial support this month. It truly is one of the best books available about making a case for the truth of Christianity – so please request your copy when you give.

 By John Stonestreet

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  • grnjllybn

    God’s ‘faithful’ just make the world a better place.
    Bible believing, Jesus–loving ministries are the
    safest ‘ports in a storm’.