The Point: Abortions for Free

Try to get your head around this one. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Life-saving surgeries are expensive. That appendectomy, organ transplant, trauma surgery will keep you alive, but it’s gonna hit your pocket book hard, no matter how good your insurance is.

But if you live in Oregon, life-taking surgery won’t cost you a penny. That’s right. The legislature there has passed a measure along party lines that mandates insurance companies cover the entire cost of abortion. Anyone, regardless of income, citizenship, or “gender identity,” will soon be able to terminate the life of their baby in utero for free.

The perversity is breathtaking. Don’t like the sex of your baby? Change your mind late-term? No worries, the state of Oregon is ensuring that your insurer pays for it. And all you Oregon taxpayers take note: The bill also sets aside half a million dollars to make sure immigrants who aren’t covered by the state’s Medicaid program can afford an abortion.

There’s a message for you: Welcome to Oregon: Please, kill your child… on us.

Saving lives is costly. Apparently taking them is cheap.


Oregon Approves Measure Requiring Insurers to Cover Abortion
  • Kristena Hansen | | July 6, 2017

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