The Point: Animal Worship, Human Sacrifice

Next we’ll be sending our dogs to college. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Americans—especially young Americans—treat their pets more and more like children.

Writing at The Economist, Alexandra Suich notes that human names instead of cutesy pet names are becoming more common for dogs and cats. Pet food looks more and more like people food—some of it is actually marketed as fit for human consumption.

Last year Americans dumped $400 million on pet Halloween costumes. This year they spent almost $600 million on Valentine’s Day gifts for their animals. Pet baby monitors, strollers, memory foam mattresses and even pedicures are booming new industries. And according to surveys, a majority of Americans see their pets as family members.

All of this, as Suich admits, accompanies a historic delay in marriage and childbearing, and of course, abortion and the rise of assisted suicide.

G. K. Chesterton once wrote that wherever there is animal worship, there’s human sacrifice. America today seems to be trying awfully hard to live up to his observation.


For the Love of Dog
  • Alexandra Suich | | April 4, 2017

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  • Joel Stucki

    To be fair, dog food has been made fit for human consumption since the depression. The idea is sort of a “just in case you have to…” kind of thing.

    But yeah, good points all. We’re very concerned about cruelty to animals (as we should be), but very selective about our concern for humans’ cruelty to other humans.

  • Just One Voice

    I’ve always wanted to own a german shepherd, but I’m not even sure anymore. I’ll be the weirdo in the crowd if this trend continues!

    • gladys1071

      what you think you would be a weirdo for getting a dog? why is that?

  • jason taylor

    It has always been a tendency among us to revere if not exactly worship animals, and this is not unsurprisingly as humans are poets and put their stamp on nature. Animals become the symbols for warriors(Leonidas the Spartan), warrior bands(Screaming Eagles), Nations(the Lion of Judah, the Lion of St. Mark, the Roman Eagle) and even religions(Sikhs who name all men lions and all women princesses). In a way it is a strange compliment as a given lion would be more afraid of Leonidas the Spartan then vice-versa. The fact that this illogical but sublime instinct is corrupted just points to another fact of man; that man is great but man is fallen. “Yet still keeps the rags of lordship he once owned.”

  • gladys1071

    I don’t have any pets, i did have a cat. Even though husband and I chose not to have kids, we still do not view pets as children, i think pets should be treated as pets not as children, but i know a lot of people do anyway, my mom is like that, she treats her dogs like children, she is big dog lover.