The Point: Chilly Toward Children

Ontario thinks you’re better off childless. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

A publicly-funded ad in Ontario, Canada shows a woman happily scrolling on her smart phone and sipping a latte, when her little girl sneaks up and shoots a spit-wad in her ear. As the girl laughs and runs away, the mom types “birth control” into the search engine.

Funny? No, not at all. As a LifeSiteNews writer points out, that province is strapped for cash and experiencing a birthrate well below the replacement rate. In other words, more people are dying there than being born. And like Japan, that part of Canada faces problems with its economy and government entitlements because of low fertility.

Why is Ontario spending tax dollars advertising childlessness? What kind of message do ads like this send to parents who consider their kids a blessing, or who want to have kids and can’t have them?

How different from this attitude is the one we find in Scriptures like Psalm 127, which calls children a “heritage from the Lord” and “Blessed is the one whose quiver is full” and that calls children “his reward.”



Ontario releases offensive, anti-child ad: Kids are annoying, use birth control
  • André Schutten | | June 22, 2017

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