The Point: Freedom of Speech in Big Trouble

If freedom of speech has a future, it won’t be because of them. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with the Point.

A crazy situation unfolded the last few months at Evergreen State College. A liberal professor was among those targeted, harassed, and threatened because he refused to leave campus because he was white. Radical student groups spent the next few weeks, in the professor’s words, as “lawless bands roaming the campus unimpeded… there were assaults. There were batteries. People were kidnapped and imprisoned, including faculty members and administrators.”

So how did the administrators respond? They completely caved to every one of the rogue, violent students’ demands. It’s hard to believe, and it’s even worse than I’ve been able to describe here.

Look, if freedom of speech is to survive in America, it’s going to be in spite of  higher education. On one hand are colleges taken over by leftist radicals on campus, on the other are Christian colleges threatened in their accreditation and licensure by leftist radicals on the court.

As Os Guinness said in “A Free People’s Suicide,” freedom is far more easily won than it is preserved.

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