The Point: Skin Cell Babies?

What’s next, babies with bar codes? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Imagine this scenario: Jane and John want a baby. They visit a clinic, give a few skin cells, and head out for a latte. Days later they return and select the embryo with the right sex, hair color, etc. to their choosing.

If you can’t imagine it, Stanford Law’s Henry Greeley can. He predicts this is how many babies will be made 20 years from now.

I cannot imagine a more dehumanizing process—for parents or for children. “A world of skin-cell babies …” writes Emma Green over at the Atlantic “assumes that the creation of life is a matter of pipettes and petri dishes, not something greater. While the widespread use of contraceptives has largely divorced sex from procreation, this process would represent the final severing.”

Instead of being the outcome of a loving and life-long union of men and women, children are increasingly becoming just another consumer item.

But hey, maybe if we’re lucky, we can find free baby shipping on Amazon Prime. God help us.


Making Babies, No Sex Necessary
  • Emma Green | | June 27, 2017

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