The Point: Who’s Going to Take Care of Them?

Here’s another answer to another pro-abortion argument. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Those who oppose abortion will likely hear something like this sooner or later: “Unless you’re adopting unwanted kids or helping feed, clothe, and educate them, you’ve no right to force women to go through with their pregnancies.”

How do you answer this?

Well, first of all, pro-lifers should be adopting and helping feed, clothe, and educate these children. And many are. Supporting local pregnancy care centers is a great place to start.

But abortion rights activists who use this argument are begging the question. They assume the very thing they’re trying to prove, that abortion doesn’t end an innocent human life.

But it does! And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether those lives are inconvenient, unwanted, or unaffordable. It’s not okay to kill them, any more than it’s okay to kill inconvenient, unwanted, or unaffordable toddlers.

When you make the case for life, stay on point. Nearly every argument for abortion assumes the unborn aren’t persons. But they are—a point provable from science and philosophy, and it changes everything.

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