Please pray for these upcoming events

Praise God! Because of your support, we have many opportunities to support, challenge, encourage and equip Christians across the country to grow – and live out – their Christian worldview. Thank you for your role in creating these important opportunities.

Below are some of the many events where Colson Center thought leaders will be speaking in the coming months. Pray that God’s Spirit will move to inspire His people, and equip and unite them around a Christian worldview.

July 9-14, Alliance Defending Freedom: John Stonestreet will speak each morning at this annual gathering of religious freedom experts and thought leaders.

July 23, Western Conservative Summit: Warren Smith will speak during Sunday morning’s plenary session.

July 27, St. George’s Church: Warren Smith to speak during “Downtown Discourse” series on “How Storytelling Changes Cultural Conversations.”

 August 24-25, ERLC National Conference: John Stonestreet will speak on discipling the next generation to embrace a Christian worldview.

 September 15, Colson Fellows Residency: Colson Fellows National Director Bill Brown, John Stonestreet and other Christian leaders to speak for first residency in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Various Dates, Association of Christian Schools International: John Stonestreet and Bill Brown will conduct professional development training at 8 events for more than 4,000 Christian educators.

October 27-29, Christian Legal Society National Conference: John Stonestreet to speak on Christian worldview and cultural influence.

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