Thank you for making the Wilberforce Weekend a success!

The recent Wilberforce Weekend conference, held May 19-21 at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort in Maryland, gathered more than 700 people, with an astounding 80,000 watching online through our live stream.

World-class speakers – including Os Guinness and this year’s winner of the Wilberforce Award, Alan Sears – unlocked the challenges of the cultural moment and how believers can live out Christ’s redemptive power.

Alan Sears said,

“We’re wary of the temptation to stand down and believe that everything’s going to be all right…. Too many of our neighborhoods, our schools, our cities, and states continue to be filled with a darkness that is at war with the truth of the Gospel. This is not a time to slacken, but… to redouble the efforts of the Colson Center, all the like-minded ministries, and each of you.”

Sears’ powerful speech – and the other speakers’ words as well – challenged hundreds of people to live out their faith, counting the cost of following their conscience. People like John and Marie said,

“The Wilberforce Weekend… was one of the most thought-provoking and enjoyable weekends [we] have ever experienced together…. We hope to be good stewards of all that we learned and to spread the good news to our pastors at our church and others in the area.”

It’s only through your support and faithful prayers that so many are able to attend events like the Wilberforce Weekend, so thank you for making this possible!

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