The Point: The Church of England Transitions

For Anglicans, the big picture is encouraging. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

My family and I belong to an Anglican church of African identity that holds to a conservative, orthodox doctrine. But the Church of England, the Anglican mother church across the pond, is a different story.

Late last month, the Church of England voted to consider creating a ceremony blessing transgender members’ transitions.

While there are still folks in that church fighting this dive into sexual heresy, they’re not nearly influential enough. People of no religion now vastly outnumber practicing Anglicans in Britain, and the church continues to lose 12 members for every new convert.

But Anglican Christianity worldwide is thriving. The number of Anglicans globally has doubled in the last fifty years, with the majority living in the global South, particularly Africa. And as recent gatherings of the communion show, members and clergy from these churches are having none of what the Church of England is selling.

What’s happening in England and with the Episcopal Church here in the States is sad. But it’s not the whole story.


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