The Point: The Damage Divorce Did

Why aren’t millennials getting married? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Marriage rates among millennials are among the lowest of any peacetime generation. Instead, many choose hookups, cohabitation, or pornography. Why?

Writing at The Stream, Joshua Charles suggests a sobering answer: Their parents’ divorce rate.

No generation in history has seen as many divorces as millennials. Joshua, whose own parents ended their marriage after decades, writes “I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve had whose parents have divorced after decades years of marriage.”

While the alternatives millennials choose aren’t any better, he urges baby-boomers and gen-Xers to ask: “Can the same generation which shows what marriage is not blame [us] for not knowing what marriage is?”

Look, divorce isn’t unforgivable. And in our post-no-fault-divorce world, many are innocent victims. But the fact is the kids aren’t alright. When wedding vows are broken, more than a legal document is nullified. A home crumbles, shockwaves ripple into the next generation causing more brokenness. No wonder millennials are leery of the altar.


What’s Wrong With Millennials? Partly, Their Parents’ Divorces
  • Joshua Charles | | August 4, 2017

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