The Point: Elementary Indoctrination

Elementary indoctrination? You betcha. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

The Minnesota Department of Education is providing schools across that state with a “tool kit” for supporting “transgender and gender-nonconforming students.”

The tool kit, prepared by transgender and gay-rights advocates, urges teachers to stop using oppressive language, you know, words like “boys” and “girls,” and pronouns like “he” and “she.”

And of course the tool kit urges schools to allow students to use whichever bathroom or locker room that conforms with their gender of choice. According to the policy, they shouldn’t be isolated away in single-user bathrooms away from everyone else. No, those restrooms should be reserved for students who feel uncomfortable sharing a locker room or bathroom with a member of the opposite sex. They should be isolated instead.

In other words, Minnesota wants students and faculty to reject biological reality. It’s indoctrination, not education.

You have a right to protest. Use it. After all, what’s a suggestion this year will be a requirement in years to come.

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  • Just One Voice

    Seriously? Are they really deeming “boy, girl, he, she” oppressive language now?

    Even if one is “trans-gender,” doesn’t that simply mean “he” is now “she”? Or the reverse?

    What are they going to call them, “it, that, trans”? Please tell us what word is NOT oppressive and NOT labeling in its nature. Oh but wait, whatever word is chosen will eventually will be deemed an oppressive label too.

  • gladys1071

    This is crazy, makes me glad i did not have kids, for them to be subjected to this, i cannot imagine it.

    • Just One Voice

      You’ve asked me before what makes me want to have kids. Well, I must confess, this entire topic is one point of fear for me, as it relates to kids. But, I guess that fear turns into faith. I can only do my best & let God do the rest 🙂

      • gladys1071

        I agree with you, at that same time, ( don’t take this the wrong way), i think it is self-ish to bring chiidren into this world PERIOD, knowing it is a sinful world, KNOWING , that they will suffer, i certainly could not inflict this world onto a child. What if your children don’t share you faith? ever think of that?

        I feel vindicated in my choice, when i read articles like these. I mean what is next being accused of child abuse if you call your child a boy or a girl? Don’t take this the wrong way, but i feel sorry for parents too?

        just my thoughts.

        • Sam Benito

          The solution is not for everyone to quit having kids. The solution, as Mr. Stonestreet intimates, is a grassroots movement to halt this nonsense.

          • gladys1071

            How to propose we do that?

        • Just One Voice

          Heh, thank you. I’m doing my best to not to take it the wrong way. Thank you for being honest.

          Of course I’ve thought about my children not sharing my faith. It’s a chance, a risk, to be sure. Although there is some level of promise, that if we train up children in the way they should go, they will not depart from it later on in life (Proverbs 22:6). I suppose it doesn’t absolutely guarantee they will stick with it though.

          We are definitely opposites on this 🙂 Parenting requires an enormously self-LESS attitude. So, I’m sorry but, I think it is selfish to not consider being a parent; at least in the form of adoption. James 1:27 convicts me: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

          • gladys1071

            “Parenting requires an enormously self-LESS attitude. So, I’m sorry but, I think it is selfish to not consider being a parent; at least in the form of adoption”

            I don’t feel any conviction for not becoming a parent, God knows me and he accepts me the way i am, i don’t have to be a parent to please God, i am perfectly comfortable with who i am.

            God makes each one of us differently, i don’t have the temperament, desire to parent anyone.

  • gladys1071

    A lot of people don’t approve of not wanting to have children, since I am a Christian It is not popular to dislike childbearing ,

    Your good iam not offended