The Point: On Love and KLM Seatbelts

So they really missed the irony here? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Recently, in accord with other major airlines celebrating and promoting LGBT messaging, Dutch airline KLM tweeted a picture of three pairs of rainbow colored seatbelts with the caption, “It doesn’t matter whom you click with.” One of the pairs had two male ends of the seatbelts, another had two female ends, and the final pair had a male and a female end.

Now, the message they were trying to convey with the seatbelt pairings was about love and sex, of course, not seatbelts. How they missed, with that headline “it doesn’t matter who you click with,” that only one of those pairs would actually click, and therefore only one pair would actually complete a seatbelt and save your life in case of disaster, is beyond me.

The other two pairs were (hmmm, what word should I use?), impotent to serve as seatbelts. Again, I’m not sure how they missed this key flaw in their image, which is, after all, the key flaw in the whole “love is love” movement.

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