The Point: Tennessee Judge’s Judgment Judged

We still live in a democracy, folks. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Back in July I told you about a Tennessee judge’s outrageous and unconscionable move to offer jail inmates 30 days off their sentence if they would undergo a contraception procedure: A vasectomy for men and a contraception implant for women.

Margaret Sanger and the Nazis would have been proud of this eugenics move.

Well, the judge rescinded his order because of public pressure.

But as reported in WORLD Magazine, Judge Benningfield grumbled, “I didn’t change my mind.” Instead, the health department “succumbed to the pressure and withdrew their offer of services.”

This is great news. And oh, and by the way, the 70 inmates who signed up for the deal will still get their sentences reduced.

Here’s the point, folks. Although it feels at times like judges are running our country, we still live in a democracy. Even after the judge’s gavel comes down, the public, government agencies, and legislatures can still influence events.

So never, never give up standing for human dignity.


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