The Point: Death Swallowed up by Life

God invites us to participate in His work to restore all things under Christ—here’s an exciting example.

Talk about overcoming evil with good! For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

What could be better than opening a free healthcare clinic for the poor? How about opening a free faith-based health clinic in an abandoned building that used to be an abortion clinic?

That’s exactly what’s happened in Manassas, Virginia, where Catholic Charities will open the clinic in November to serve the 8,000 uninsured members of the community.

The clinic will be staffed by volunteer doctors and nurses, and a medical director who also happens to be a deacon at a local church. In addition to providing basic medical services, the clinic will establish a referral network of healthcare providers, mental health counseling, and even adoption services.

For nearly 30 years, Christian protesters prayed and held vigils outside this abortion clinic. It looks like their prayers—and the prayers of folks who can’t afford medical help—have been answered.

God invites us to participate in His work to restore all things under Christ—This is a living tangible example of just that.



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