The Point: Eradicate the Differences?

I recently told you about a “gender reveal” exercise at a California kindergarten. And it won’t be an isolated event.

The BBC has aired a two-part program about a doctor who visited an elementary school. According to the description of episode one, “the class of seven year-olds are tested across a range of important psychological measures. Doctor Javid is shocked by the results, which are enough to convince [the teacher] to eradicate from the classroom anything that reinforces the idea that boys and girls are fundamentally different.”

Imagine that. A medical doctor shocked to find that children think boys and girls are different. Of course, they do! They have to be talked out of that belief. Naturally the rest of the show is devoted to the doctor’s efforts to do just that.

The movement to fundamentally alter our children’s understanding of reality and their God-given identities as boys and girls is child abuse.

Like our Christian forebears who saved children from slavery and infanticide, we must protect the children in our time as well.



BBC Gender Show: No More Boys and Girls
  • Stefano Gennarini, J.D. | | August 24, 2017

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