The Point: Fatherhood Ad Banned Down Under

Hush little daddy, don’t you sing. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

In anticipation of Fathers’ Day, the Australian organization Dads4Kids has produced a lovely—and there’s no other word for it—lovely public service ad celebrating the importance of Fathers.

The entire minute and fifty-second ad features a dad singing “hush little baby don’t you cry . . .” with images of dads and their babies, toddlers, sons and daughters playing, reading, and spending time together.

But this evidently was too much for FreeTVAustralia, who informed Dads4Kids that the ad was flagged for political content.

Political content? What could be political about the importance of dads? Oh wait. That’s right. Australia is heading toward a national referendum on so-called same-sex marriage.

A spokesman for Dads4Kids said, “It is extraordinary that . . . we can no longer celebrate Fathers’ Day without being forced to look at it through the lens of the same-sex marriage debate.”

Indeed.  But make no mistake, people know the value of dads when they see it, especially kids.



The Ad Banned In Australia
  • Rod Dreher | The American Conservative | September 1, 2017

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  • Just One Voice

    Wow…..this is just heart wrenching & appalling.

    I’m so conflicted. I’ve wanted to say something for a while now about this LGBT-ABC-XYZ mess. But I’m still working on how to say it, when to say it, or even if it to say it. Even though it’s from Scripture, I’m just not positive that it’s seasoned with salt and builds others up (Col. 4:6, Eph 4:29)

    Our church is currently going through the gospel of Mark. What I’ve wanted to say has to do with Mark 5 and the demon-possessed man that Jesus healed.

    I should point out here that it does NOT say the man was a homosexual. So, you know who you are, please do not take my words out of context.

    Nonetheless, this man was absolutely relentless, constantly resisting, no matter what. They even tried to chain him down, but resist resist resist, fight fight fight, argue argue argue. When Jesus came, he wasted no second. He came up and out of the tombs BOLDLY! Before Jesus even says anything, he has the audacity to try and command him around.

    All that, and Jesus still has the power & compassion to heal him.

    Well I just typed that out and thought it through on the fly. Did I just figure out how to say what I’ve been wanting to say? Obviously Gina will decide if it’s fitting or not 🙂

    • gladys1071

      As far as Jesus healing the demon-Possesed man. Jesus has that power, he is fully God, he has the power to cast out demons to heal people and change people’s hearts. That is what is so great about our God. We Human beings do not have that power, we are but puny helpless human beings, yet we think we have power, but we don’t.