The Point: Planned Promiscuity

What’s in your public school? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Not content with killing hundreds of thousands of babies a year, Planned Parenthood and their partner groups now push promiscuity in public schools.

Emily Belz’s recent WORLD Magazine article details a sex-ed curriculum developed for San Diego sixth-graders by a Planned Parenthood ally. The curriculum graphically instructs 11-year-olds in various practices I can’t mention on air, and alerts them to what they call the lies of abstinence programs, and seeks to normalize same-sex attraction and transgenderism.

Now why am I telling you this? Because you can do something about it if such a program shows up in your school. Belz describes how one San Diego mother “confronted” her local school, getting the school to drop the bit about lying abstinence websites and introduce “the concept of abstinence” to younger children, while posting the curriculum online so parents could see what is actually being taught. This mom also wisely opted her child out of the program.

We know Planned Parenthood has always been after babies. Now they’re after teens and pre-teens, too. Please, push back.



Oversexed ed
  • Emily Belz | World magazine | September 16, 2017

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  • Nancy

    There are PTA meetings in schools still, aren’t there? I believe programs like this should be presented to parents before it is initiated. It is their children after all. I’m glad it’s not mandatory. After all, schooling is about math, history, English, etc., yes? ✨

    • Phoenix1977

      “I’m glad it’s not mandatory. After all, schooling is about math, history, English, etc., yes?”
      Sex-ed is part of biology class and should. therefor, be mandatory. Unless you want to abolish classes like biology, chemistry and science?

  • Phoenix1977

    Well, I find that debatable. Sexual feelings are part of the biological process as well and should therefor be addressed. Especially children who are experiencing certain feelings can be comforted knowing there is nothing wrong with them. And that includes fantasies of a more kinky nature.

    • Steve

      Sex ed is not part of biology class. Learning about reproduction is, yes. But issues regarding areas that parents have great differences in their opinions- some religious based, some not-should not be the place of the school to be inserting themselves.
      This goes for schools that may be too conservative for some parents and schools that may be too liberal for others.

  • Nancy

    I agree and was going to reply in like manner. And this is speaking of 6th graders; 11 years old.