The Point: A Victory for Creative Professionals

A Christian photographer in Wisconsin refuses to photograph gay “weddings.” You know where this is going . . . or do you?

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, Amy Lawson “has a passion to use her talents in photography and blogging to promote the beauty of God’s design for marriage and the sanctity of life.”

But a Madison, Wisconsin ordinance forced her out of the wedding biz because it would have compelled her to photograph gay weddings and even praise them on her blog!

The Alliance Defending Freedom took her case . . . and won! A judge ruled that because she doesn’t operate a store front business, the ordinance does not apply. So she’s free to use her God-given artistic talents according to her beliefs.

ADF is taking on similar cases across the country. If you are a creative professional . . . photographer, musician, artist of any kind, please, check out the Alliance Defending Freedom at And on Twitter, follow the case of cake maker Jack Phillips at #justiceforJack.



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