BP Podcast: The Secret Battle of Ideas About God (Part 1)

Summit Ministries is a Christian worldview and apologetics ministry based in Manitou Springs, Colorado.   Now more than 50 years old, Summit trains more than 2000 high school and college aged students each year in intensive two-week-long sessions held in a converted hotel in Manitou Springs.  Summit also does summer sessions at Biola University in California, and at Bryan College in Tennessee.  Jeff Myers became president of Summit five years ago, taking over the reins from ministry founder David Noebel.

In the early 1990s, David Noebel, wrote a book called “Understanding the Times” that is used both at Summit and at Christian schools all over the nation.  The book became an underground best-seller, with more than 600,000 copies.  Myers has completely revised and updated that book, and wrote two new companion books, “Understanding The Faith” and “Understanding The Culture.”  The three books total more than 1600 pages.

Jeff Myers’ new book is “The Secret Battle of Ideas About God.”  This short book distills the ideas in his 1600-page trilogy, and it is also intensely personal in that he writes transparently about his recent divorce and his personal struggles with doubt and depression in the aftermath of that divorce.

The Colson Center’s Warren Cole Smith had this conversation Jeff Myers in his home in Manitou Springs, across the street from Summit Ministries.


The Secret Battle of Ideas About God by Jeff Myers


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