The Point: The Boy Scouts Are Lost

In a world without paths, everyone is lost. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

The Boy Scouts recently announced they’ll welcome girls. It was an inevitable move given other recent decisions; but I’ve heard from countless scouts, both young and old, that this represents a kind of death for their beloved organization.

Now let me be clear—the problem is not girls in scouting. The problem is that boys no longer have many places left to be boys. As Trevin Wax put it at The Gospel Coalition, boys are running out of paths toward manhood—something the Boy Scouts long provided.

Our culture right now is obsessed with obliterating both distinct paths and distinct roles, demanding everyone be the same, even though they’re not. Though the rallying cry is diversity, in reality we’re committed to monotony—no boys, no girls, no husbands, no wives, no men, no women, no right, no wrong—just undifferentiated “persons” expressing individuality that, ironically, all starts to look the same.

The Boy Scouts aren’t the only casualty of this revolution, but they are one worth mourning.



The Boy Scouts and the Disappearance of Paths
  • Trevin Wax | The Gospel Coalition | October 16, 2017

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  • Phoenix1977

    “The Boy Scouts aren’t the only casualty of this revolution, but they are one worth mourning.”
    It’s worth mourning an organisation abandons a discriminatory policy? Interesting point of view, to say the least.

    • Timothy Graziani

      Just to be clear, what discriminatory policy?

    • Rich

      I’m unclear about your point Phoenix.
      Are you saying it’s good to include girls in boy scouts or are you against it?
      Are you for boys in brownies?
      Are you for boys showering with girls in school gym class?
      I’m just seeking clarification on your point, not pointing a finger.

  • Just One Voice

    I remember hearing about this on the radio recently. I just cringed, shook my head & said a prayer.

    This might be a good time to mention Trail Life USA? I know it’s been featured on BP before. That sounds like a great alternative choice. I know I will be checking them out when my boys are old enough!

    It’s also kind of ironic that I read an AP news article today that talked about gender inequality. As expected, democrats are largely dissatisfied, while 54% of republicans think it’s okay. Democrats want equal outcomes, while republicans want equal opportunities. Let me just point out that I do not identify with any political party. I’m just stating what I read.

    Different people produce different outcomes. It’s a fundamental principle of life.

  • pluck npick

    Trail Life has taken up the slack, filled the void.