The Point: Hey, That’s a Baby!

Hey, that’s a baby there! For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

As Fiona Petrie and her family walked through a theme park in the UK, one that had a thermal imaging camera gimmick going on, they looked up, and there they all were—Fiona and her two—oh, wait—make that three kids.

Fiona, you see, was expecting her third child. And the baby was clearly visible in the thermal image.

Naturally, Fiona and the kids were thrilled. So was a theme park employee, who was delighted that Fiona’s two sons “were unexpectedly able to meet their new baby brother or sister during their big day out.”

As the folks at put it, the thermal image proves yet again that preborn babies are human beings. “The outline of the preborn child can be clearly seen and is evidence that life does indeed begin inside the womb. Preborn children are not just ‘clumps of cells’ or ‘tissue’ that the abortion industry would have everyone believe them to be.”

Come to and we’ll link you to the story . . . as well as the picture of the baby.


Mother catches a glimpse of preborn baby on theme park’s thermal camera
  • Nancy Flanders | | September 20, 2017

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