The Point: Too Catholic for Georgetown

Will Catholic students be allowed at this Catholic school? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Love Saxa, a student group at Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit school, advocates “a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman.” But for a number of fellow Georgetown students, that’s a problem.

Leaders of campus LGBT groups have lodged complaints that Love Saxa supports hatred and homophobia, demanding that Georgetown defund and remove it as an officially-recognized student group.

Love Saxa’s views on marriage, of course, are just identical to the teaching of the Catholic Church. As one theology professor at Catholic University of America remarked, “I suppose the question for Georgetown is whether they think Catholic kids can still be Catholic there.”

Of course, Georgetown isn’t a conservative school. But the fact that LGBT leaders there don’t think the historic Christian view on marriage should exist on campus says a lot. The strategy’s familiar: Paint all who dissents from the new orthodoxy as unworthy of a place at the table. It’s a purge, not a debate. And whatever happens at Georgetown, it won’t stop there.


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