The Point: Lifestyle over Life

It’s lifestyle over life itself.  For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Sending a clear signal to the Trump Administration and the Supreme Court, the Massachusetts legislature unanimously passed—and its Republican Governor signed—a bill that requires all insurance plans to provide free contraceptive coverage.

While exempting churches and church schools, the bill doesn’t make provision for business owners with moral and religious objections. I guess Bay State lawmakers forgot about the Supreme Court’s ruling in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby. No, of course they didn’t.

Planned Parenthood calls this a win for women’s health, but if health were the issue, why wouldn’t Massachusetts mandate coverage of truly life-saving medications?

As Dr. Christie of the Catholic Association told LifeSiteNews, “this is a pure political ploy . . . I talk to patients all the time who can’t afford their insulin … because they have diabetes” and “patients who are desperately wondering how to afford another round of antibiotics for their sick mom.”

No, the “reproductive rights” crowd is choosing a lifestyle over life itself.




Massachusetts Republican governor mandates employers provide ‘free’ birth control
  • Claire Chretien | | November 21, 2017

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