BP This Week: Will Jack—and Justice—Prevail? Justice Kennedy May Decide

John Stonestreet shares his experience speaking at a rally outside the Supreme Court during oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission. He and Ed Stetzer dicuss how Justice Anthony Kennedy—who may very well cast the deciding vote—will rule. They also weigh our options as a society for respecting the dignity of those who disagree with us.

Our hosts also reflect on the tragic suicide of a Wisconsin pastor who had spent decades in sacrificial ministry to the outcasts. How can the Church acknowledge mental illness and depression in its ranks, and minister to those who suffer from these terrible burdens?

Image: Alliance Defending Freedom


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  • Pam Sinnett

    Mental Health Grace Alliance is a relatively new and helpful national ministry which has more freedom to participate as an afflicted Christian than some secular groups might have.
    We, as sufferers with this malady, often need kindness and support from believers that can lead these groups.
    Maybe there are other groups that people can share on this blog.