Dr. Kathy Koch on Kids and Technology

Christmas is coming… and if your kids are clamoring for that cell phone or a new tablet, you’ll want to hear this interview Warren Cole Smith’s conducted with Dr. Kathy Koch founder and President of Celebrate Kids.

Dr. Koch discusses how electronic devices shape the minds of young children and teens. She then gives parents advice about monitoring and setting rules for the family’s use of technology.

To obtain a copy of Dr. Koch’s excellent book, “Screens and Teens,” visit the Colson Center online bookstore.

This interview originally appeared on “Listening In,” a weekly program of WORLD News Group. To learn more about “Listening in,” go to  www.wng.org/listeningin.

Today’s episode will be our final long form podcast for 2017, as the Colson Center staff will be taking time off for Christmas and New Year. We will, however have BreakPoint This Week and the daily BreakPoint commentaries uploaded every weekday as usual.

On behalf of all the Colson Center family, may you and yours have a blessed, holy Christmas, and a healthy, happy New Year.

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