The Point: Compassion for Canines, not Kindred

Do people love dogs too much or people too little? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

The Times of London reports on a study that found people have more empathy for dogs than for fellow humans.

When asked, 240 students were consistently more willing to give money to save a dog from a “painful death” than they were to save a person.

Another study from Northeastern University found that when students were shown fake newspaper clippings about four abuse victims—a puppy, an adult dog, a human infant, and a 30-year-old adult—only the infant beat out the dogs in sympathy. Respondents were “significantly less distressed when adult humans were victimized.”

We’ve watched the Internet howl over Harambe the gorilla and the killing of elephants but shrug off civilian casualties in the Syrian civil war and the victims of abortion. For many today, the welfare of animals is more important than that of people.

Now, we should care about animals. But getting more worked up over them than humans is like letting the tail wag the…well, you know what I mean.



STUDY: Humans Love Dogs More Than Other People
  • Joseph Curl | Daily Wire | November 1, 2017

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