The Point: Doughnut Anger the Mob

When did bakeries become so controversial? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, there’s a witch hunt going on. Apparently, dessert shops are the main target. Just as the Supreme Court was wrapping up oral arguments in the case of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cake Shop, a popular doughnut shop in Portland, Maine came under attack for spreading Christmas cheer.

Owners of The Holy Donut worked with the Salvation Army to bring gifts to a local family with five children. Then, as Fox News reports, an online mob stormed the shop’s Facebook page for allegedly supporting discrimination against LGBT folks. Angry commenters threatened boycotts and protests unless the shop distanced itself from the Salvation Army which these commenters claimed is anti-gay.

Eventually, the owners of the Holy Donut issued a public apology.

This vocal and powerful movement to destroy anyone not loudly supporting the new sexual orthodoxy is a terrible thing. Pray for a Supreme Court win for Jack Phillips, but also that Christians will remain courageous in living according to their faith, even when under attack.


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