The Point: Farewell, Harry Blamires

A worldview giant has passed. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

I hope you’ve heard the intro to BreakPoint This Week—Chuck Colson’s voice booming, saying, “What is Christianity? It’s an explanation of all of reality.” Christianity is a worldview.

Well, this past week, British theologian Harry Blamires, who wrote the groundbreaking 1963 book “The Christian Mind,” died at 101.  As Warren Cole Smith noted in his “Signs and Wonders” column at, Blamires was a key figure in the worldview movement. He saw the dangers of the church’s flagging intellectual life.

“The bland assumption,” Blamires wrote, “that the Church’s life will continue to be fruitful so long as we go on praying and cultivating our souls, irrespective of whether we trouble to think and talk Christianly . . . may turn out to have dire results.”

He’s right. And helping Christians think, talk, and live Christianly in every of life is why Chuck Colson founded the Colson Center. So thank God for Harry Blamires. May he rest in peace.

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