The Point: What Feminism Gets Right

What if we want the same thing after all? For the Colson Center I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

In the midst of this sexual harassment apocalypse—and I mean that in the literal Greek sense of the word: “a revealing”—it seems as if another celebrity or politician is outed almost every day.

And it’s changing our culture.

Just a few years ago, writes Matt Lewis at The Daily Beast, many radical feminists bashed organizations like Promise Keepers—which promoted faithfulness and sexual integrity to men—calling them patriarchal and oppressive.

Now, integrity and professionalism are back in style, as is protecting women in the workplace. And feminists have long opposed things like pornography because it sexualizes women. Amen.

These harassment revelations may be swinging our cultural pendulum back “in a more puritanical direction,” writes Lewis; “….. rather than resisting it,” maybe social conservatives should be “cheering it on.”

Much within radical feminism, like its support for abortion, runs counter to Christianity. But where we do agree, it may be possible to work together and leave behind a better society.



Welcome to Our New Age—the Victorian Feminist Era
  • Matt Lewis | Daily Beast | November 27, 2017

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