The Point: Planned Miscarriage?

Who’s sabotaging Planned Parenthood’s Twitter account? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

I’ve been saying for a while now that there’s got to be a pro-life mole running Planned Parenthood’s Twitter page. So many tweets and images they post seem to undermine or parody their pro-death position.

Last Friday their tweet read, “[There’s] a common misconception that the mom who miscarries is a very different person than the woman who aborts, but I’m here to say there is no difference.”

The tweet linked to a column by a pro-choice blogger who wrote that despite her three miscarriages, she still supports abortion.

Wait. No difference? The tragic loss of an unborn child due to circumstances outside the mother’s control, vs. the deliberate killing of a child? That’s like saying there’s no difference between natural death and murder!

Comparing miscarriage with elective abortion is incredibly offensive. And it suggests what we all know—that the loss of an unborn life is the loss of a human life—it’s a tragedy to grieve, not something to celebrate.



Planned Parenthood: Abortion Is The Same Thing As Miscarriage
  • Paul Bois | | December 11, 2017

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  • Nancy

    Amen. ✨

  • Zarm

    Errrr… yeah, as someone whose wife has been through a miscarriage and is still dealing with depression from it two years later, I suspect that abortion is little different from a miscarriage in many cases, but not in the direction that this tweet meant to suggest.

    Actually, I couldn’t think of ANY way that statement could be taken except “The pain and sorrow is the same in both cases.” Which, again, is quite honest in the majority of cases, from what I understand- but it sure isn’t a statement of *support*.

  • Jordan Smith

    As a person who has had loved ones suffer through the tragedy and pain of miscarriages, seeing that comparison is incredibly sad and angering. When the “pro-choice” movement makes no difference between choice and tragedy, something is very, very wrong with their reasoning.